Playtime’s Over – an update

Hello all! Things are starting to get real over at Propolis. My trad-publishing debut will soon be hitting the shelves! I have a (provisional) date, though I won’t be disclosing that until I get the go ahead from my publisher*.

Things I can tell you – well, we’ve made the final edits now. The text as it stands will be the text you read when** you buy a copy, and it has been typeset. I have a proper Author bio for the inside sleeve, which I had to get MP*** to write it for me because, as you know, I just can’t stand writing about myself… Even the dedication is final (so too late to throw your hat in the ring, I’m afraid).

Most excitingly, on Thursday this week I got an email with the blurb he’s drafted for the cover. I don’t mind admitting, that was an unexpectedly emotional moment. A weird disconnect between recognising his description as the bones of what I’d written, yet still feeling that what he was describing couldn’t possibly be my book. Honestly, my first reaction was, “That sounds bloody great! I’d love to read that…” I almost, I must confess, shed a tear. I expect actually holding a copy in my hands will be the watershed moment but, to date, reading the blurb has been by far the most ‘Wow, this is really happening’ feeling I’ve experienced.

These are, to the best of my knowledge, all the things that go into making a book. Oh, apart from the cover, which is also being worked on at this minute by MP’s super-talented in-house cover designer. To say I’m excited is somewhat of an understatement. We’re well into the third trimester now – it won’t be long ’til we birth this sucker.

What happens next? Well, this is where the mystery begins. Hopefully I’ll be meeting up with Propolis soon to talk about what the next steps are. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some kind of launch event, if Covid-19 behaves itself and we’re still allowed out of our homes come the publishing time. What that will consist of, what else I’ll be doing, I don’t yet know. Writing a book is one thing – that’s a simple**** tippy-tap exercise. Selling a book, that’s a whole new journey for me. Watch this space!

While I’m here, in other news, we actually went out this week. Like, proper ‘out’. To a place. To do a thing. The next phase of lockdown-easing is upon us, so to mark this momentous occasion, we went to Cinema City to see a film. Yes, an actual cinema. For the first time since Proxima last year. Pleased to report that Cinema City are, as indeed they were then, totally on their Pandemic game. One-way system, spaced seating, masked staff, etc. Even more delighted to report that, unlike Proxima, this time it was worth the trip. Judas and the Black Messiah is a very powerful movie experience. Vital, relevant, shocking and also very well-made and gripping. Highly recommended. You can see what else I’ve been watching of late by following me on Letterboxd, and next week find out what I thought of Babyteeth.

* I will never tire of saying ‘my publisher’

** Yes, I said ‘when’

*** My Publisher

**** I say ‘simple’ – the reality is it takes enormous effort and no small amount of natural genius

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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